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NEW BOOK – Melodic Jazz Guitar Chord Phrases

Melodic Jazz Guitar Chord Phrases Available now here: https://geni.us/timbook2 

New TrueFire Course

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Melodic Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary

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Tim Lerch Solo Guitar Vol. 3

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Tim Lerch Solo Guitar Vol 2

Solo Guitar Volume 2 is available now. This is an Audio Recording 18 tunes High Quality Audio Download only (not PDFs). Available for purchase.

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Over 100 arrangements and/or lessons are available in PDF in either Ted Greene style chord grids or notation with tab – click below to see the full list.



To book a private lesson with Tim visit the contact page and send a note.


Enjoy these samples of my music and teaching. Just click on any video to watch. There are many more videos on Tim’s YouTube Channel.



Carriage House & Solo Guitar Vol. 1, 2, 3 and 4 are Audio Recordings. We used to call them “records” then we called them “CDs”, now we call them digital downloads. This is not a collection of PDFs. Enjoy!  To purchase click on the item below.

“Tim has helped me take my guitar playing to a new level.  His passion for teaching makes learning a pleasure and I am always psyched to work on the new concepts he has imparted to me in our lessons.  Tim is the best teacher I have ever had for the guitar!”

Toni L


Happy Customers

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“philiptalk from Youtube

“This is a total delight. I watched it and then had my wife come and watch it with me. We sat here staring, bewitched and totally absorbed, like two kids who had just seen their first fireflies in the early evening dark of a forest’s edge. I am a professional player, a long-time fan and big-time admirer of Tim’s guitar playing but his singing is great, too. Here, he is his usual relaxed, soothing, brilliant and inspiring self. I wish I could give it ten thumbs ups. One can never quite get the job done and words are inadequate. If you are listening, Tim, we love you and we love what you do. You enrich our lives.”

“Amazing artist. I have all the recordings and collections. Helps my playing just listening. Looking forward to what’s coming.”

Hailey R



Here’s a partial list of the gear I use:

  • Linda Manzer Blue Note
  • Tim Bram Tribute
  • Various Fender Custom Shop Nocasters
  • TLTX Chubby Mike Lull Custom Guitars (Tim’s Signature Guitar)
  • Guild CE100D, Formerly owned by Ted Greene
  • 1959 Gibson L-7C
  • 1951 Gibson ES 350
  • Grez Gibson TL Custom
  • Andersen Little Archie and Electric Archie
  • 1939 Epiphone Broadway

All guitars set up and repaired by  Tom at www.mikelull.com

Many of the above guitars are loaded with Lollar Pickups.

An ever changing pedal board that currently contains :
RC Booster, Honey Bee OD, Strymon Flint,  Keeley Halo, Ethos Clean Fusion Deluxe

Depending on the venue I will use one of the following amps:

Fender Princeton Reissue
Quilter 101 Reverb and Tone Block 202
Fuchs ODS 50 and  “Princeton”
Sunnyside K-Verb 40
1965 Fender Deluxe Reverb
Fender Deluxe Reverb Reissue
Henriksen the Bud and Forte
Ethos Overdrive amp

I am an artist endorser for the following companies:

D’Addario Strings and Planet Waves accessories. www.Daddario.com
Lollar Pickups    www.lollarguitars.com
Henriksen Amps www.henriksenamplifiers.com 
Fuchs Amps www.fuchsaudiotechnology.com
Ethos Overdrive www.customtonesinc.com


About Tim

World renowned guitarist educator and Emmy award winning composer, Tim is  a member of the legendary Northwest Gypsy Jazz Group Pearl Django and popular duo with Jamie Findlay. In between gigs with PD  and Jamie, Tim tries to play as many Solo Guitar performance as he can fit into the schedule.

In addition to his live playing and recording schedule Tim is also a well respected and popular teacher with a busy schedule of private lessons, classes and workshops. Recent activities include: Two Best Selling Books-Melodic Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary and Melodic Jazz Guitar Chord Phrases. 10 Master Class courses with TrueFire, Jazz Guitar Camps with Guitar Breaks and Frank Vignola, an Instructional  DVD for Hal Leonard Publishing,  Master Class Videos for JazzGuitarSociety.com 

For those players who want to study privately, Tim is offering private lessons via Skype.

Taste, Tone and Telecasters